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Tasty turkey, delicious duck and great goose

Ruskington Poultry can also offer you a fantastic selection of turkey, duck and goose products. From whole birds right through to fats for roasting, our choice is second to none. And you can be sure that it's going to be top quality too.


Our Lincolnshire FSA licensed poultry supplier has over 30 years' experience in the preparation of all kinds of birds, so why not take advantage of our expertise and put in your order today?

Full birds to duck fat

Whether you're running a busy restaurant or you're a respected local butcher you'll get high quality full birds, breasts, crowns, legs, drumsticks, butterflies, duck fat and the much sought after Foie Gras too.

Look at our selection

 -  Whole hen or stag turkeys

 -  Gressingham, Hall Farm and Barbary ducks

 -  Smoked duck breasts

 -  Hall Farm and Gressingham free range goose

Juicy birds - ready for the oven - together with a range of ready cut portions, smoked duck breasts and delicious Foie Gras.

Call us now to make your order. Our 24 hour answerphone is available night and day

01526 834 124 or 07908 218 346

To your specifications

Choose from a range of packing options and the ability to purchase by weight or by unit. And don't forget we're also suppliers of chicken, meat, game and exotic meats too, so give us a call to see how we can help you to serve the freshest and juiciest birds.

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